Chino Hills, City of

(Chino Hills)

All residents must conserve water to meet a mandated 28% percent water reduction.

Residents and businesses are limited to two watering days per week.

Watering restrictions are as follows:


Even addresses:  Wednesdays, and Saturday.  

Odd  addresses:  Thursdays, and Sundays.                                                                          

Non-residential addresses:  Tuesdays and Fridays.

15 minutes’ cycle per station.

Except for drip or micro-spray irrigation systems, which shall not exceed 30 minutes per station.  

These regulations do not apply to properties using recycled water.


The City of Chino Hills is currently under a Stage III High Conservation Alert.  A Water Conservation Urgency Ordinance was adopted on May 26, 2015 and a Stage III High Water Conservation Alert was declared in Chino Hills on the same day. New water use regulations are now in effect!

Also, non-residential customers may be exempted from this prohibition by reducing their potable water usage by 28% from their usage in 2013.
UPDATED 05/15/2017