Coachella Valley Water District

(Coachella, Cathedral City, La Quinta, )


CVWD customers are encouraged to continue to be mindful of their water use and understand that water-smart behavior is now part of being a Californian. Water-use restrictions remain in place CVWD is asking customers to now focus on the goals of the Water Management Plan, which calls for a 20% reduction in water use by 2020.

Water-use restrictions are still in effect for CVWD customers until further notice. Drought budgets and drought penalties have been lifted but CVWD expects customers to continue managing water wisely based on the important lessons learned during the drought emergency. Conservation is one of many tools CVWD uses to manage groundwater resources. It is part of a long-term plan to eliminate overdraft of the Coachella Valley’s aquifer. CVWD will continue to enforce the water-use restrictions and is required to report enforcement efforts to the state each month

Irrigation Info:


Set your irrigation controller to use 36% less water on grass

Drip systems and smart controllers are not exempt.

See Drought Watering Guide below. 

Watering restrictions are as follows:

No outdoor irrigation on Mondays and Thursdays from December 1 to March 31.​

As of now, there are no restrictions on the number of times you are allowed to water per day.

Recycled water and Private Well Pumpers users are exempt from water restrictions, but encourage to valuntarily comply.

UPDATED 05/23/2017