Downey, City of

UPDATED 5/27/21

Landscape irrigation watering is limited to no more than the following number of days per week:                                           

May through September:  No more than 3 days per week and only on designated days.                                

October through April: No more than 2 days a week and only on designated days.                                                        

Even addresses: Tuesday, Thursday, and/or Saturday.  

Odd addresses: Monday, Wednesday, and/or Friday.                                                                                     

Not to exceed 6 minutes per cycle or less.

(When reduced to 2 days we can choose the dates to irrigate from the allowed 3 per week).


Watering Days-Recycled water:  Landscape irrigation with recycled water is permitted on any day of the week.

The Emergency Regulation mandates a 20% reduction in potable water use for all City water users focused on reducing non-essential water use including landscape irrigation.  The State has made non-compliance with such prohibitions punishable by a fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500) for each day in which the violation occurs.
UPDATED 05/15/2017