East Valley Water District

UPDATED 5/27/21

Drought Update

2021 marks the second consecutive dry year in the state increasing  concerns of another statewide drought. On April 21, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order proclaiming Mendocino and Sonoma counties in a regional drought emergency. With more than 85% of the state under severe drought it is important to continue efforts in water use efficiency. Californians are being asked to continue complying with the prohibitions on wasteful practices and to make conservation a California way of life.

To prevent the waste and unreasonable use of water and to promote conservation, each of the following actions are in place:

  • Watering times are between the hours of 6:00pm - 6:00am

  • No irrigation 2 days following a measurable rainfall

  • No excessive water waste

  • No irrigation of turf or high water use plants within public street medians and parkways

  • Vehicle washing is to be done with a hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle

  • No washing down of hard surfaces

  • Fountains must use recirculated water

  • Restaurants are only to serve water to guest upon request

  • Hotels and motels must offer the option to refuse laundry service to save water

  • Swimming pools are to be covered when not in use for extended periods of time

  • Homeowner’s associations and cities cannot fine homeowners trying to conserve during a declared drought.