Eastern Municipal Water District

UPDATED 5/27/21

Water Use Efficiency RequirementsEMWD's drought status is currently Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan.

These policies were originally adopted in 1991, and have been periodically modified to provide long-term water reliability for existing and future customers.

These items can also be found in the Article 6 – Water Conservation section of the EMWD Administrative Code.

Water Use Efficiency Requirements

  1. Hosing down driveways and other hard surfaces, is prohibited except for health or sanitary reasons.

  2. Repair water leaks within 48 hours of occurrence.

  3. Irrigate landscape only between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. except when:

    • manually watering;

    • establishing a new landscape;

    • temperatures are predicted to fall below freezing;

    • it’s for very short periods of time to adjust or repair an irrigation system.

  4. Unattended irrigation systems using potable water are prohibited unless they are limited to no more than fifteen (15) minutes watering per day, per station. This limitation can be extended for:

    • Very low flow drip irrigation systems when no emitter produces more than two (2) gallons of water per hour.

    • Weather based controllers or stream rotor sprinklers that meet a 70% efficiency.

    • Run-off or over watering is not permitted in any case.

  5. Irrigation systems operate efficiently and avoid over watering or watering of hardscape and the resulting runoff.

  6. Excessive water flow or runoff is prohibited.

  7. Decorative fountains must be equipped with a recycling system.

  8. Allowing water to run while washing vehicles is prohibited.

  9. Install new landscaping with low-water demand trees and plants. New turf shall only be installed for functional purposes.

  10. Watering during rain, or within 48 hours after measurable rain, is prohibited.

  11. The requirements listed above should be followed at all times.