Fontana Water Company


Currently in Stage 1, with voluntary water conservation targets and no drought surcharges.  Because severe drought conditions remain throughout California, Fontana Water asks that customers voluntary maintain reduced water use by the mandated water use reduction goal of 26% from 2013 levels set by the State Water Resources Control Board.  In addition, the following water use restrictions continue to apply under stage 1:

Landscape Watering:                                                  

Even addresses: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Odd addresses: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Watering duration is limited to 10 minutes of watering per station per day.


These restrictions do not apply to recycled water or graywater.  

These restrictions do not apply to drip irrigation or watering by a bucket or a hand-held hose with an automatic shut-off valve.
UPDATED 05/16/2017