Mesa Water District

(Costa Mesa)

Costa Mesa, Calif. – As the first day of winter draws closer, Mesa Water District reminds residential and commercial customers to use water wisely indoors and outdoors.

Mesa Water® provides a recommended outdoor watering schedule to help customers conserve. As of December 1, it suggests cutting outdoor water use by half, moving from up to 2 days a week to just 1 day per week. Mesa Water’s recommended watering schedule can be found on its website: 


Watering is limited on a seasonal basis:

January - 50% (1 day/week) 3 Cycles/6 Minutes - Saturday.

February - 50% (2 day/week) 3 Cycles/3 Minutes - Tuesday/Saturday.

March - 60% (2 day/week) 3 Cycles/4 Minutes - Tuesday/Saturday.

April - 70% (2 day/week) 3 Cycles/4 Minutes:  Tuesday/Saturday.

May - June 90% (3 day/week) 3 Cycles/4 Minutes - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

July - August 90% (3 day/week) 3 Cycles/4 Minutes - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

September 80% (3 days/week)3 Cycles/4 Minutes - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

October - 60% (2 day/week) 3 Cycles/4 Minutes - Tuesday/Saturday.

November - 50% (2 days/week) 3 Cycles/3 Minutes - Tuesday/Saturday.

December 40% (1 day/week) 3 Cycles/3 Minutes - Saturday.

If your timer has a seasonal adjust or budget feature, then you may alternatively program your timer with the July/August schedule, and use the Season Adjust % to easily adjust your watering to match the seasons. You do not need to add/remove water days!

Minutes: The recommended number of minutes to water which varies with the type of sprinklers used and the weather.
Spray-head Sprinklers - use the recommended number of minutes.
Rotating sprinklers - multiply the number of minutes per cycle by 3. Example: 3 minutes x 3 = 9 minutes per cycle
Drip - multiply the number of minutes per cycle by 5. Example: 3 minutes x 5 = 15 minutes per cycle


All agencies have been required to cut water use compared to a 2013 baseline, depending on the conservation percent assigned by the state to individual water providers. Mesa Water’s conservation mandate was established at 20 percent.

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UPDATED 05/23/2017