Monrovia, City of

UPDATED 5/27/21


February 2016, The City of Monrovia  mandated water conservation reduced from 28% to by 26 % - ongoing conservation still needed.   Compared to our use in 2013.


Outdoor watering should be limited to:

About once per week (no more than every fourth day).

No more than 15 minutes per landscaped area.

The 15-minute limit does not apply to drip irrigation systems, new planting of low-water usage plants, or if reclaimed water is being used as permitted by law


The adopted State of California Emergency Regulation allows for Urban Water Suppliers to impose fines of up to $500.00 for noncompliance. However, the City of Monrovia’s City Council passed a resolution to issue fines up to $300.00 only as part of the following six-step Enforcement Plan:

1. First violation results in a door hanger containing water conservation information.

2. Second violation results in phone or in-person Staff contact providing conservation information.

3. Third violation results in a formal written notice containing information on the fines that may be issued if additional violations occur.

4. Fourth violation may result in a $100 fine.

5. Fifth violation may result in a $200 fine.

6. Sixth or more violations may result in a $300 fine.

On July 21, 2015, the Monrovia City Council held a Public Hearing and adopted Phase IV of the Water Conservation Ordinance.
UPDATED 05/16/2017