Otay Water District

(Spring Valley, )


In response to Governor Brown’s declaration of a statewide drought calling on all Californians to save water, Otay Water District has declared a Level 2 – Supply Alert Condition. Under a Supply Alert, mandatory water use restrictions are now in place


Outdoor irrigation permitted up to Two (2) days/week.

Otay Water District does not have a watering schedule based on odd or even addresses. 
Summer - May - October Otay customers may irrigate any two days each week, up to 15 minutes per station from May Winter - November - April October  two days each week, 7 minutes pr station.

These restrictions also apply when watering by hand.  When watering by hand, use a hose with an automatic shut off nozzle. The irrigation restrictions do not apply when recycled water is being used, or for systems utilizing “Smart” irrigation controllers, high-efficiency rotating nozzles, or drip systems.


Tel: (619) 670-2222
UPDATED 05/31/2017