Pico Water District

(El Rancho, Pico Rivera)

District Watering Requirements:

Restrictions have been lifted, asking customers to continue and conserve water.

Requesting customers to limit watering days to a maximum of Three (3) days per week.

Even addresses: –  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Odd addresses:  –  Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Limited to irrigate maximum of 15 minutes per station.


The Pico Water District adopted Ordinance 62.

Achieve designated conservation standards (25% reduction from 2013 standards).

Restrictions do not apply to landscape irrigation system that exclusively use very low flow drip type irrigation system when no emitter produces more than two (2) gallons of water per hour and weather based controllers or stream rotor sprinklers that meet a seventy percent (70%) efficiency standard.



Tel: 562-692-3756

UPDATED 05/16/2017