There are many different options for Grass, but below are some of our most popular.  If you are looking for a specific type of grass or need pricing, please call our office at 909-980-8300.
Bermuda Grasses
: Best overall warm-season grass for California; high traffic tolerance; needs sun; recuperates well; very good drought and salt tolerance; available in sod, sprigs or seed. 'Bandera' and 'Santa Ana' do well along the coast; 'Bandera' offers better shade tolerance among the Bermudas; 'Princess-77' available in seed. Downside: Very aggressive growth.
Seashore Paspalum
High traffic tolerance; shorter dormancy period; stays green nine months or longer; extreme salt tolerance -- can take pure salt water, a plus for those using gray water, which can have a high salt content; also does well in clay; good for the coast. 'Sea Spray' available in seed. Downside: Higher water requirement than the Bermudas.
St. Augustine 'Palmetto,' 'Sunclipse
High traffic tolerance; great shade tolerance; recuperates well and repairs quickly; great lawn for dogs. Downside: Coarse texture because of wide leaf blades.
Zoysia 'De Anza'
Good traffic tolerance; some shade tolerance. 'De Anza' was developed for improved color retention. Downside: Slow to establish by seed, so sod is better; slow to repair.
Kikuyu 'Whittet'
High traffic tolerance; heat and drought tolerant; best color retention of the warm-season grasses; good for the coast; resembles St. Augustine. Downside: Very aggressive and invasive.
Buffalo Grass
Very low water needs; can survive in extreme drought conditions; low fertilizer needs; reduced or no mowing required. Meadowlike, rather than a manicured look, when unmowed. Downside: Longer winter dormancy period inland (also goes dormant in extreme drought in summer).
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